Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Just Knitting on the Beach

Last night while my kids were at our church's youth group. Freddy and I went down to the beach. I just happened to have my knitting with me and one of my finished patterns. I can't wait to release it!!! For now I have to keep it secret, but in the mean time I got to work on one of my samples of it on the beach while we waited for the boys.  I even got some pictures of me in one of the finished samples. All my yarn came in and I'm ready to send it out to all my test knitters!!! I am so excited about this pattern.

I am also so excited for Summer and the beach!!!!!

For reading I just started "Echo in the Bone". The next book in the Outlander series I'm ready. I still can't get enough of these books!

Since the beach was so nice last night we took the kids back up to the beach and had dinner and then played on the beach until the sun set. I can't wait to have these boys home from school so we can play.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Me and My Alpaca & Freddy Too

Smile at the camera Blue.

I needed to get a new picture of me and I thought Blue would love to help me out. Most alpacas look soooooo funny after they get sheared, but in my opinion I think Blue always looks cool! 

Freddy even got in a picture! I was also happy to finally get a picture of me in my Postcard Cardigan. I really don't have any good pictures of me wearing it so I was very happy to get a few shots of it.

You may be seeing some of the above pictures in a magazine this Fall :)