Friday, April 29, 2016

Look at What I've Been Up To

I just finished up another MKAL with Romi. I love how my shawl turned out! I of course went against the rules and instead of making it in two colors like the pattern called for I made it in one. The yarn I used was from the Sheep Shed. I purchased the yarn last Fall at Rhinebeck. I had seen their yarn the year before and didn't buy any. I didn't make that mistake again this year and I was so excited to get two skeins of their Silk Merino blend. I had wanted to make a large white shawl......but..... I had no idea what pattern to make. I casted on several of my own patterns, but nothing stuck. So when I saw Romi was having her KMAL I said there was no way I was missing out on it, but I didn't have enough stash yarn to make it! So the white yarn it was even if it was going to be one color instead of two. Well I am more than happy with it in solid white!!! It was so fun to get one clue every 5 weeks. It was NOT so fun not being able to share what I was knitting with the rest of the knitting world. But as of today I can share it and it has been so much fun getting such a HUGE response from Ravelry. I feel like I am back in the loop!!! I have quite a few patterns of my own to release in the next few weeks :) All this secretive knitting is no fun!

And just for fun I had used my chicken Bonnie in the picture for my Ravelry project page... since it was supposed to be kept secret. In the picture below is Bonnie on the far left 
(how freaking cute is Harley's face in the back, she is special).

Here is Bonnie (going back I wanted to name all my chickens after the people on Alaska the Last Frontier. I wanted my own Kilcher Homestead. Somehow we only ended up with Bonnie from the show. If you haven't watch the show and know who I'm talking about... shame on you, you should really watch it.)

Here is Bonnie after a few weeks of the MKAL.

And Bonnie today! She is huge. My babies are growing up so fast.

Hopefully I'll be back to making regular posts soon! If not I'm studying up on all the vendors I'm going to visit next weekend at Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival!!!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Tiny Ninja

My boys are turning into quite the little ninjas. They go to karate twice a week and can do some pretty cool moves. We had Tiny's birthday party where they go to karate. The party was so much fun! They played tons of games and they even got to do some karate moves. I got to sit back and watch all the fun. It was fantastic. Tiny requested a cake with a picture of him doing a karate move. When I ordered the cake (3 days before his party) they asked if I wanted an image on it. I asked if they could draw a karate guy... I then told them about Tiny's request and they said they could do it! Who would have thought. So Tiny got a cake with his picture on it. Happy Birthday kid!